Application Re-Engineering

Turning Yesterday's Code Into Tomorrow's Innovation.

We Take your Existing Applications and Revamp them to Deliver Enhanced Performance, Improved User Experience, And Increased Productivity.
Embrace the Power Of Modernization

Legacy applications can hold back your business, limiting its growth and potential. With our application reengineering services, you can embrace the power of modern technologies and stay competitive in the digital era. We understand that each business has unique requirements, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. By refreshing your applications, we enable you to leverage the latest advancements and achieve new levels of success.

Application Re-Engineering

Our Application Re-Engineering Services

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Scalability Built-In

When you opt for our re-engineering services, you are also securing the future of your application.

Speed Optimization

Maintain core functionality while improving speed and performance by a measurable amount.

Improving Underlying Structure

Your application is revamped from the inside out. Every single line of code is optimized to its fullest.

Cloud Migration

Why stop at better performance? Shift your application to the cloud and bring in countless benefits.

UI/UX Revamp

Improving functionality is one part of re-engineering. We create an interface that conforms to modern standards.

Data Migration

All data is migrated to your new application in an untouched manner and without any risks.

Application Transformation

Once the strategy is in place, our skilled developers embark on the application transformation journey. They utilize their expertise in the latest technologies to reengineer your application and breathe new life into it

Migration and Integration

Before diving into the re-engineering process, we conduct a thorough evaluation and analysis of your existing application. This includes assessing its architecture, functionality, performance, and user experience. This also includes a detailed look at its strengths and weaknesses, which allows us to get a clear understanding of what to improve and what to keep as is during development.

Testing and Quality Assurance

During the requirements-gathering phase, we collaborate with your team to gather insights and understand your business needs. We believe in transparent communication and active involvement from all stakeholders to ensure that the re-engineered application aligns perfectly with your expectations. Your valuable input allows us to create a roadmap that meets your goals 

Deployment and Support

Based on the evaluation and requirements gathering, we develop a strategy tailored to your application. This includes selecting the most suitable technologies, frameworks, and platforms to achieve the desired outcomes. Our team of experts combines their technical expertise with creative problem-solving to devise an innovative plan that maximizes the potential of your application.

Our Past And Ongoing Projects

Cybersoft North America Inc. has had the pleasure and honor of working with brands and organizations belonging to various industries all around the globe. We helped them solve critical problems in unique and defining ways. Some of our most creative and unique endeavors are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still not satisfied with what we have to offer in the realm of Application Re-Engineering? These FAQs will help in addressing other questions you might have. 

What sets us apart from other Application Re-engineering companies?

Our team at Cybersoft North America Inc. distinguishes itself through its exceptional track record and adaptability. With our experienced developers and exposure to various workflows, we are well-equipped to meet diverse client needs.

What kind of security measures are implemented when building mobile applications?

We prioritize security and implement robust measures to protect mobile applications and user data. We employ industry-standard encryption techniques, authentication protocols, and adhere to best practices in secure app development.

How do we ensure the performance of mobile applications?

We guarantee optimal performance by following strict guidelines and leveraging our extensive experience in creating bug-free software. Our commitment to quality sets new standards for mobile app development.

How do we address the need for flexibility in mobile app development?

We recognize the importance of flexibility in meeting evolving client requirements. We adapt to new technologies, frameworks, and languages, ensuring that our clients’ apps can be customized and scaled to accommodate future needs.

What level of optimization can clients expect from our mobile applications?

Clients can expect us to optimize mobile applications for peak performance. We employ efficient coding practices, utilize performance monitoring tools, and conduct rigorous testing to ensure optimal speed, responsiveness, and resource utilization.

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