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Development of the Prosperas Mobile Application involves bringing their financial services to mobile platforms. This transition aims to make credit services more accessible, especially for underbanked and unbanked individuals. By allowing prospective clients to access these services on the go, Prosperas aims to provide greater convenience and accessibility for users, enabling them to access financial services easily from anywhere.
Client History
Prosperas has a background in supporting financial accessibility. Committed to making credit available to diverse populations, Prosperas has been a leader in the financial sector, particularly in the country, Brazil. Their dedication to innovation has solidified their reputation as a trusted partner in expanding financial opportunities.

Their commitment is reflected, by its initiatives to empower individuals, in their partnerships with market leaders, such as Nvidia with their Nvidia Inception Program. These meaningful partnerships, along with community engagement allow Prosperas to pave the way for inclusive financial empowerment, especially for those individuals that have a higher probability of being rejected by traditional banking institutions.

Prosperas partnered with our team due to relevant experience and expertise in the domains required. They entrusted us with the task of adapting their services to mobile platforms. Through our collaboration, we aim to ensure that the Prosperas Mobile Application caters to a diverse range of users, furthering Prosperas’ goal of making credit universally accessible.
Prosperas aimed to achieve several objectives through the implementation of their Mobile Application:
  • Enhance Credit Accessibility Prosperas aimed to expand access to its credit services, particularly for individuals that have limited access to traditional banking systems. The ability to connect with financial institutions on the go is certainly poised to be a game changer.
  • Support Marginalized Communities Prosperas is committed to providing support and resources to marginalized communities through its Mobile Application. By offering accessible financial services and educational materials, Prosperas aims to level the playing field and provide opportunities for economic advancement.
  • Democratize Credit Assessment With the Mobile Application, Prosperas aims to democratize credit assessment by providing access to creditworthiness evaluation tools based on non-traditional data. This approach ensures that individuals with diverse financial backgrounds have the opportunity to access credit services.
The Implementing the Prosperas Mobile Application comes with its own set of challenges. Firstly, ensuring the security and privacy of user data poses a significant challenge. With sensitive financial information being handled within the app, maintaining powerful data security measures is crucial to protect user privacy and comply with regulatory requirements of various regions. Balancing security with usability and convenience adds complexity to the development process.

Secondly, technological integration presents hurdles in integrating Prosperas’ credit assessment services into the mobile platform. Integrating various data sources and algorithms to assess creditworthiness requires careful planning and execution to ensure accuracy and reliability. Additionally, optimizing the app for performance across different mobile devices and operating systems, such as Android and iOS, presents even more technical hurdles.
Our Solution
The implementation of the Prosperas Mobile Application represents a transformative step in addressing operational challenges and enhancing financial accessibility. This comprehensive solution optimizes access to credit services and financial education resources, fostering greater financial inclusion.

By prioritizing data security and integration with additional Prosperas’ services, our solution ensures trust and efficiency, driving positive outcomes for users and Prosperas alike.

As a result, the client experienced notable cost savings while simultaneously taking their standard of service delivery to the next level.
The scope of the Prosperas Mobile Application is to create a user-friendly mobile platform for accessing credit assessment services and financial education resources. Our main objective is to develop an app that works well on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring broad accessibility.

The Prosperas Mobile Application aims to serve both, consumers and institutions. It allows financiers to organize sales generation goals as well as receive and close new customers.

Additionally, further parameter tuning can be done by lending institutions, so they receive only those clients that fit their qualifications. This allows them to cut down on time and costs associated with choosing candidates that fit their criteria.
Core Features
The core features for Prosperas Mobile Application Are:
  • Financial Institution Information
  • Access To Credit Offers
  • Receive Offers On The Go
  • No Paperwork Required
  • Identity Validation
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Card Loans
  • Loans For SMEs
Architecture & Technologies

The Prosperas Mobile Application was built from the ground-up to ensure maximum security and reliability. Our agreement stipulated that off-the-shelf solutions could not be utilized, to prevent any risk. Extensive development and quality assurance testing would ensure that the application met all requirements and did not cut corners in the areas that matter.

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